cookingschoolAbout our school
Learn to cook some of Thailand’s most famous delicious dishes in a friendly relaxing atmosphere at our authentic Thai cooking school. Our cooking lessons with a highly qualified teacher take place in a traditional open kitchen in a tropical garden.

We have kept our Thai cooking class very small, that is with a maximum of only 4 students, to ensure that you will have a highly personalized and quality experience.For a group of friends or family we can however teach larger groups.

Vegan, vegetarian cooking class Phuket-in addition to regular Thai dishes we also offer vegetarian cooking and a vegan cooking class.

A local traditional Thai market
Our classes end with a visit to a local market.Thai markets with all their colours, smells and sounds will give you an authentic look into a very interesting part of Thai culture. You will also learn about the different Thai vegetables and herbs. At our small scale organic farm we will also show you the different ways and techniques to grow vegetables and herbs in an organic way. By organic we mean that we grow things without using toxic pesticides to protect our crops. You will be surprised by how much you can grow in a very small area using very simple organic techniques.

about3Our teaching approach
In our courses you will learn how to make from scratch some of the most well known favourite Thai dishes. You will gain a very all round knowledge on Thai cooking. Perfect for if you like cooking for yourself, your family or for guests at a dinner party. Thai food is not only delicious but also very healthy.

Our friendly cooking teacher has had many years of experience with running her own restaurant. She will guide you through every step of the way to creating mouthwatering Thai dishes, that is from buying the produce at the market or growing it yourself in an organic way until it is ready to be enjoyed at the dinner table.