The Good,Bad and Ugly in Phuket

1.The Good


  • Beautiful beaches,paradise islands and a diverse scenery.
  • The low (rainy) season : most of the time there is not much rain but prices go lower,there are a lot fewer people and the pace of life slows down.
  • Nice people.
  • Crime : there is very little crime,in the 35 years that I have lived here I have not once felt threatened in any way.
  • So many things to do yet so little time : island hopping,elephant sanctuaries,cooking schools,canoeing into caves,nightlife etc etc.
  • There is something for everybody : quiet deserted beaches or beaches with a full on tourism scene with lots of activities.
  • Shopping galore : at the numerous shops and shopping centers you can probably find a wider range of products than in your home town.
  • Great food : Thai and food from all over the world.
  • Accommodation is very good value for money.
  • Smart bus : a comfortable bus that travels from the south of the island along the west coast to the north,passing by all the most beautiful beaches and towns.


 2.The Bad


  • The traffic : due to Phuket’s popularity the roads have become pretty busy.
  • Traffic accidents : if you are travelling in a car then you’re pretty safe,the motorbikes are however  dangerous.
  • There is not enough island wide public transportation.
  • The taxis are a rip off.
  • Lack of safety consciousness : the Thais don’t know the meaning of this word,take care of yourself and don’t take anything for granted.


3.The Ugly


  • The environment has suffered from all the development in some areas.
  • There are some scams but it’s usually nothing major,however it can be annoying.
  • The bar scene : if you get too amorous with one of the employees then you are in trouble,many guys who think that their one is different have learnt this the hard way.Cars,houses,big amounts of money etc have been lost.