Organic Thai Cooking Classes

cookingschoolA souvenir for a lifetime.
Welcome to Organic Thai Cooking School,our Thai cooking classes are not only a lot of fun but you also get to take home a delicious and nutritious lifelong souvenir from Thailand which you can share with your friends and family.

At our Thai cooking classes you can learn how to make a wide selection of the most popular authentic Thai cuisine,we also offer vegetarian Thai cooking classes and vegan Thai cooking classes.

Less is More.

To ensure that our Thai cooking classes are of higher quality we have kept our class sizes very small.

Custom Made Menu.

Our small class size allows our students to make their own menus,there is no need to follow a preset menu for the day like you would in a bigger Thai cooking class.This way we are able to offer you custom made dishes like vegetarian cooking classes and vegan cooking classes,on our menu you have a choice of more than 30 different dishes for a unique Thai culinary experience.

Our speciality is to provide private Thai cooking classes at no extra cost.

Since 2009.about3

Our cooking classes with a highly qualified teacher who has more than 15 years of teaching experience,take place in a phuket thai traditional open air kitchen surrounded by a tropical garden.

Are some Thai food ingredients not available in your country?

Don’t worry we will show you how you can use ingredients from the West instead of Thai ones and still get the authentic Thai flavour.

Grow your own food.

At our Phuket cooking school we will also show you our very special small scale organic farm where in a small area we can grow large amounts of produce.

If you are interested in growing your own food then see our blog – the best way to grow your own food phuket thai cooking class

A unique cultural experience.

Our classes end with a visit to a local Thai market.Thai markets with all their colours,smells and sounds will give you an authentic insight into part of Thai culture.

Our Teaching Approach.

In our cooking classes you will learn from scratch how to make well known favourite Thai dishes.

You will gain a very all round knowledge of Thai cooking. Your friendly cooking teacher will guide you through every step of the way to creating mouthwatering dishes.

Perfect for if you like cooking for yourself, your family or for guests at a dinner party.

Our thai cooking lessons include :

– free transportation for people staying in the southern half of Phuket(Karon beach and downwards),for other locations it’s a small fee.

– a viewing of our small scale organic farm.

– visiting a local market.

– lots of delicious food which you can eat on location or take home with you.

Everything you need to know about Phuket

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