Exploring The Culinary Delights of Thai Food By Taking Cooking Classes In Phuket

Besides the beautiful beaches and lively nightlife,Phuket also has a rich culinary heritage.Sampling the local cuisine is an essential part of any visit and there is no better way to do that than by joining an Organic Thai Cooking Class where you can learn the art of creating authentic Thai cuisine while at the same time experiencing the island’s traditions and flavours.

Phuket’s Culinary Heritage

Phuket’s food culture has been derived from it’s history as a trading hub and melting pot of cultures.It’s cuisine is a fusion of Thai,Chinese,Malay and Indian culinary traditions which has resulted in a diverse and vibrant food culture.

The 4 Primary Flavours

As you will learn in your Thai cooking classes – Thai Cuisine is a balance of four primary flavours : sweet,sour,spicy and salty.It is this careful balance which makes Thai dishes so delicious.These flavours are carefully fused using ingredients such as tamarind ,Thai chilli peppers,fish sauce and palm sugar.It can be the tangy Tom Yum Soup or the creamy and aromatic green curry,every bite has a burst of flavours.

A Visit To A Local Market – A Unique Cultural Experience

Most Thai cooking classes include a visit to a local market,a local market with all it’s colours,sounds and smells is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture,there you can also discover unique products and sample delicious authentic Thai food.If you like tropical fruit then here you can find it all,but don’t take that strong smelling Durian fruit back to your hotel.