Phuket’s Hidden Gems

Although most of Phuket’s attractions have already been discovered by the masses there are still some beautiful places which are off the beaten path that have stayed quiet and mostly unknown.

1.Sangchai Beach : this beach is located on the southern point of Phuket island.If you look at a google map then you will see it next to Rawai beach(to the west).This is a very quiet secluded beach.To reach it it’s about a 10 minute walk down a path through the jungle.

2.No Name Beach : this is next to the above Sangchai beach(to the west),it is a bit harder to get to as the walk to it is a bit longer,approximately 20 minutes.It is similar to Sangchai beach.

3.Layan Bay : a lovely bay with a small island in it to which you can walk.It is situated at the north end of Bang Tao bay.

4.Between Layan Bay and Nai Thon Beach : You can find some very nice quiet beaches when following the coastal road.Nai Thon beach is also a very nice beach which is less crowded.

5.Sirinat National Park : situated on the north west coast of Phuket not far from the airport.The northern part of this national park has been developed but there is a beautiful nature area in the southern part,there a jungle path follows the coast passing by a number of pretty beaches.

6.Khao Rang Hill : not far from the old town in Phuket town is Khao Rang Hill.On top of this hill you can enjoy some of the nicest views on the island,there are several good restaurants there where you can dine whilst enjoying this view.

7.Rawai Local Markets : not so many tourists come here and so they have remained authentic.Here you can get a glimpse of the local culture and enjoy some delicious food.As part of our Thai cooking classes we take our students to these markets.

8.Koh Sireh Island : if you are in Phuket town then you are not far away from Koh Sireh Island,connected to Phuket by a bridge you don’t even notice that it’s an island.Most of it’s undeveloped and it’s nice to find yourself in a nature area after all the hustle and bustle in Phuket town.The beaches aren’t that nice but the island has a nice atmosphere and there are some small roads to explore,for example one road which leads to a small beach goes through jungle and then crosses a quite tall hill from which you have a magnificent view of Phang Nga bay.There is also a temple on the island with a huge reclining buddha.