Do’s and Don’ts in Phuket

There are plenty of do’s and dont’s in Phuket,here are just a few that you might not have heard about,the list is not in any particular order.

The Do’s

1.Visit Ko Yao Yai and Koh Yao Noi islands – Phuket is surrounded by a total of 39 islands,many of them are quite heavily visited.The twin islands Ko Yao Yai and Ko Yao Noi are still relatively unspoiled,they are like Phuket was 30 years ago.You can rent a motorbike or go on a bicycle tour and enjoy the quiet and nature.

2.Visit the Elephant Sanctuary – this is a place where they have given a home to retired or rescued elephants –

3.Visit the Old Town in Phuket Town – here you can explore the historical part of Phuket,on sunday there is a walking street market.

4.Learn to Kitesurf – try this very exciting watersport at

5.Cooking Classes – Thai cooking is not only fun to learn but you also get to take home a delicious and nutritious lifelong souvenir from Thailand which you can share with your family and friends.At our Thai cooking classes we teach you how to make a wide selection of the most popular Thai food –

6.Try Electric Foiling – glide silently above the water at a good clip on an electric hydrofoil board.It is not difficult to learn but super exciting,it’s like being on a magic carpet. –

7.A Cycling Tour – a great way to see nature,especially recommended for the quiet island Ko Yao Noi.

8.Sailing – sailing with a difference,a fast high performance catamaran but with 3 very comfortable double rooms with a spacious saloon and cockpit,for day trips or overnight cruising –

9.Learn to sail – “Sail in Asia”offers a big range of ISSA sailing courses.From learn to sail courses to the popular zero to hero inshore skippers course.

10.Visit the windmill viewpoint – Prom Thep viewpoint  at the southern tip of Phuket island is Phuket’s most famous sunset viewpoint,approximately just 1 kilometer from there is also a nice(if not nicer),viewpoint,you can see this viewpoint from far away because there is a big windmill there.

11.Learn Surfing – from May to October on the west coast it’s the surfing season,kata beach is the best place to learn and here you can find a bunch of surfing schools.

12.Learn Wingsurfing – no not windsurfing,wingsurfing,it’s like the aforementioned electric foiling,that is there is a board that you stand on and underneath it there is a hydrofoil,but instead of having an electric device to propel you,you hold a kind of sail that looks like a wing and you let the wind push you forward.

The Don’ts

1.On the west coast in the low/rainy season(from May to October) there are big waves and strong rip currents,do not swim where there are red flags even if you are a good swimmer.

2.If you can’t drive a motorbike do not try to learn how to do that in Phuket,the local driving style by both locals and tourists and the lack of policing make the island’s roads extremely dangerous.Also after a long period of no rain oil collects on the roads and then when it rains but then not hard enough to wash away the oil,the roads become very slippery.Check if your insurance covers motorbike accidents.

3.Don’t stick up your middle finger in anger,some Thai people go berserk when you do that.

4.Don’t just get in a taxi or tuk tuk ,first clearly agree on the fare.

5.At a bar don’t pay for all your drinks at the end,pay drink per drink,don’t let the bill run up,your 5 beer bill may mysteriously become a 10 beer one.

6.Never leave your passport as a deposit when hiring transport,leave only a photocopy.

7.Don’t rent anything without first checking if there is any damage.

8.Don’t fall for the scams,here are some well known ones : –

The broken jetski scam is even famous worldwide ,you rent a jetski with no visible damage,when you come back the outraged operator points out some damage that you didn’t cause and demands a big sum of money,the police is in on it for their share and won’t help you.

The fake jewelry scam,a tuk tuk or taxi driver takes you to a jewelry shop where you are convinced to buy gemstones that you can sell in your home country for a lot more money.These later turn out to be fake or of inferior quality.

The sick buffalo story from bar girls.